Having recently moved in to a 55 and over community, I am discovering a whole new world that I had only heard rumors about.

Here we can chat and share with each other the real lifestyle, and how the fun and friendship never ends.

High-Tech Glasses Project Movies Right in Front of Your Eyes
What may look like a pair of post-surgery sunglasses is actually the Epson Moverio BT-100 that is essentially a wearable micro-projector. The glasses can project movies, images and even websites to each eye, making the projected image size appear like an 80-inch display viewed from 5 meters away…

First Alien Earth May Be Found by 2014
The first true “alien Earth” will likely be discovered in the next two years, a NASA scientist says. Astronomers have found more than 750 alien planets to date, and NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has flagged 2,300 additional “candidates” awaiting confirmation by follow-up studies. This haul has n…

The Titanic didn’t just send hundreds of its passengers to the bottom of the ocean—it also took all the evidence of what life was like on board for the ill-fated travelers. Or at least it would have, were it not for Francis Browne.

Here is to the sunset of our lives my friends!

Here is to the sunset of our lives my friends!

Getting Started with Something New

If any of you out there live in a 55 and over community, this blog is for you!!  I will be posting items of interest and welcoming any comments.  Also, I encourage readers to share tips, ideas, stories and pretty much anything of interest to our ilk.

 I look forward to sharing many happy moments with my readers and friends.

Please help make this site pleasant and informative for everyone by avoiding any posts that would be considered worse than “R rated”.